How do I change my profile picture?

Welcome to the site, one of the first things you want to do is edit your profile. When you make a post or message another user, your profile picture appears next to your name. To change your picture from the default blank picture click on “Profile” at the top left in the header of the page. It is located under the Tournac icon. After clicking on it you will be directed to your profile page, this is what users see when they click on your name or profile picture. But since this is you, you get some special privileges.

On the left hand side are some buttons, click on Edit Profile, you will be directed to your “Edit Profile” page. Again on the left hand of the page are some buttons, click on “Edit Profile Pics”. Now on the right side appears a form where if you click on “browse” you can then browse your computer and select the file that you want uploaded to be one of your profile pictures. You can have up to three profile pictures

How do I upload pictures?

Click on “Add Photos”. You can upload up to four pictures at a time. Click on “Browse” and select the photo that you want to be uploaded. After you have selected all the photos you want uploaded, click on “Upload Photos!”. Now that your photos have been uploaded, you have the option to add a caption or change the date for a specific photo. After you are done click “Publish Photos”.

How do I add a friend?

To add another user as a friend go to their profile page and click on “Follow”. After clicking on “Follow” you will be asked to confirm your request to add the user as a friend. If you click on “Ok”, then the user will be notified of your friend request. Then that user can approve your friend request, if the user does so, then you and the user are connected as friends and appear under each other’s friend list.

Do I have to pay to use Tournac?

NOPE!! We believe this is a great community and therefore should be absolutely FREE TO USE!!.

What does the activity feed on my profile show?

The activity feed on your profile shows the most recent updates from all members of the community (unless you have enabled to only see activities from users on your friend list). These updates are only visible to logged in members. This feature is enabled to make it easier for Tournacers to keep up-to-date with all the new and funs stuffs in the community. If you like, you can turn it off in your privacy manager. Only updates from the last 5 days are displayed.

I really like Tournac! How can I show my support?

Thanks! we like you too haha.. The best way to show your support of Tournac is to tell your friends to join!